Our creative jewelers in Sydney explore diverse, thoughtfully sourced precious materials and shapes to finely craft understated, contemporary jewelry while keeping long-established classic values and artisanship in mind. View our beautiful, perfectly fashioned, handmade pieces.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Jewellery Shops in Sydney

Are you looking for rings, necklaces, and earrings with exquisite shapes, sleek lines, and high polish? If so, you may want to know the difference between imitation, ‛semi-fine’, and fine jewelry.

  • Artificial adornments generally consist of simulated stones and aluminum, copper, and brass that crack tarnish and bend easily. Bijouterie often contains base metal alloys, leather, textiles, alloys plated with silver or gold, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, and plastic. Such ornaments have a limited shelf life and are difficult to fix when they break.
  • The ‛semi-fine’ category entails nickel-filled decorations made of gold vermeil, base metals, affordable genuine gemstones such as low-quality opals and garnets, or heat- and chemically lab-treated stones. Such processes change the color or make them look clearer.
  • Our Sydney based jewelers make fine jewelry from precious metals such as sterling silver, solid gold, and platinum. Our pieces incorporate precious gems such as sapphires, pearls, and diamonds. They should last a lifetime with proper storage and care – standing the test of time. They are a worthwhile investment because of their longevity and value.

Our Bespoke jewelry in Australia is flawless inside and out. You will not find pits, cracks, or sharp edges on our pieces as we pay the utmost attention to detail.

What Sets Adina Jozsef Apart Regarding Sydney Jewellery?

Adina is a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, the single professional organization in the country that has devised a comprehensive, traditional system to mark precious metal items.

  • The Guild permanently records guild members’ names and marks and can log manufacturing dates. The Guild authenticates the work as made in Australia, and members abide by fixed standards. The Guild Mark is a symbol of excellence.
  • Discuss that singular, symbolic, bespoke piece with our Women Jewellery in Australia. We do not restrict you to the top-quality ready-to-wear jewelry you see in our store or online. Collaborate with us to create a distinctive memento – that will become an heirloom – for yourself or a loved one. We can customize most of our creations for you, or you may wish us to design an original, one-of-a-kind piece. We will ensure that it is beautiful, comfortable, and practical.
  • We offer exceptional, personalized customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere and aim to invent and construct the handcrafted treasure you dream of to reflect your style.
  • We will happily remodel jewelry you no longer enjoy. Your taste may have changed over time, but you can refashion and modernize that ring or pendant to love wearing it again. We also clean and polish your pieces to return them to their prior splendour.

We offer Q Report, known worldwide as the most professional and comprehensive insurance service provider against damage, theft, or loss. Protect your timeless jewellery from the moment you leave the store.

How Much Do You Know About Our Sydney Jewellery Designers?

Adina Jozsef received the Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and object Design from the Enmore Design Centre and has a Jewellery Trade Certificate. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years and possesses excellent experience and skill.

  • Our Sydney jeweller devises engagement and wedding rings for couples of all kinds. The two of you can visit us together, discuss your wants and needs, and have us create your vision.
  • As you will wear these rings all the time in the years to come, remember to bring them in for an occasional check-up. We re-claw and re-tip settings, polish your gemstones, source and replace diamonds or gems, and undertake various repairs.
  • We offer a rhodium plating service, applying a thin coating onto the metal- which we can re-apply in time – and do detailed assessments of faulty or brittle gold. You may leave the piece with us to establish if it can be repaired and for a final price evaluation.

We are knowledgeable about design, wedding and engagement rings, gemstones and understand the precious metals we shape.

Why Trust Adina Jozsef Regarding Jewellery Design in Sydney, Australia

You will know why when you take a look at our jewelry for men and women. View the Marquis, Grace, Origami, and Pebble collections our Engagement Rings for Women in Australia have created.

  • The unique yet comfortable Marquis rings contain black or ivory white freshwater pearls set in 9 or 18 carat rose gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver.
  • The Grace collection includes rings, necklaces, and earrings made of rose and yellow gold, with or without green, red, and blue sapphires, pearls, and diamonds.
  • The Origami range of cocktail rings consists of sterling silver, yellow, or rose gold lotus petals surrounding a polished, onion-shaped onyx cabochon placed upon a small origami valley fold. You may want to pair the ring with matching onyx or lemon quartz earrings.
  • Fall in love with our Pebble rings, available in radiant yellow or rose quartz with a claw setting in 9 carat yellow or rose gold – or amethyst set in 9 carat white gold. The gemstones are triangularly shaped, and smooth, with a facetted bottom and polished top. The range includes ear studs, pendants, and a variety of contemporary, minimalistic rings with white or black diamonds or pearls.

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