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White Gold Rings

What Should You Know Before You Buy a White Gold Ring in Sydney?

The shiny lustre of white gold gives it an appeal unlike anything else. Although the traditional glint of yellow gold is favoured by many, white gold makes for a very compelling setting for many precious stones. If you want to buy a white gold ring in Sydney, it can be helpful to understand a little bit about what makes it different.

What turns white gold into its particular colour? It comes from alloying one or several other metals into pure yellow gold. This might be a metal as common as zinc or as precious as palladium, which gives the gold a grey/white appearance. To enhance this look, jewellers plate white gold rings with rhodium, providing an additional lustre. Over time, this plating wears away due to normal wear and tear. We recommend replating once every 6 to 12 months. The exact frequency will depend on how often you wear the ring.

White gold is an incredible alternative to traditional options. That's why Adina Jozsef offers an exciting opportunity to buy white gold rings in Sydney created with refined craftsmanship. With gems from diamonds to amethysts and topaz, you can create a ring that matches your personality. Purchase a ring from one of our ranges, or customise one of our pieces to suit your personal preferences. Choosing the product that fits your style is simple and enjoyable in our no-pressure sales environment. Prefer to shop online? Browse through our entire catalogue now and place an order!

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