When To Take Your Jewellery Into A Custom Jewellery Repair Shop In Sydney


Well-made jewellery pieces are no small investment. From engagement rings and wedding bands to diamond necklaces, high-quality jewellery is expensive. The intrinsic value the jewellery holds is one of the reasons that it can be so heart breaking when a piece of jewellery breaks. When a stone comes loose from your ring or one of the chain links on your necklace breaks, it can feel like a piece of you has broken.

Luckily, there are people skilled in the art of jewellery repair. At Adina Jozsef, we specialise in designing and creating custom jewellery pieces in Sydney. We create our jewellery by hand—a skill that leaves us well-equipped to handle jewellery repairs for customers in the Sydney area. If a piece from your jewellery collection has been damaged somehow, we urge you to get in touch with us right away to find out what we can do to help.


A Word On DIY Jewellery Repairs


When a piece of jewellery breaks, the first impulse for some people is to call a jewellery repair shop and arrange for a repair. Occasionally, though, customers will try to handle their own jewellery repairs. Whether because of budgetary concerns or simple impatience, these individuals will attempt to fix their own jewellery at home.

If you have gone through training for making and repairing jewellery, then you might be qualified to perform a DIY repair. In most cases, though, we recommend arranging a professional jewellery repair in Sydney. Particularly with small and meticulous repairs—including loose stones or broken necklace clasps—you can perform a DIY repair and think that the issue is fixed, only for the issue to recur later. Since stones are so difficult to find once they’ve been lost, it is best to contact a professional jewellery repair shop the moment you notice the stone is loose. By fixing the issue now instead of trying a stopgap solution, you minimise the chances of losing an expensive stone or an entire piece of jewellery.


Call Adina Jozsef For Custom Jewellery Repair Services


Whether you are dealing with loose diamonds or gemstones, bent claw mountings or broken chains and necklace clasps, Adina Jozsef can help. Our custom jewellery repair services can restore your jewellery to pristine condition and protect your pieces from additional future damage.

Even if your jewellery hasn’t started to show clear signs of damage yet, you might consider stopping by our jewellery repair shop in Sydney. Preventative maintenance is important for jewellery, just like for automobiles. During a routine cleaning and inspection, we will look for loose stones, bent clasps or mountings and other indications of damage. We can typically spot these issues early and fix them so that they don’t snowball into bigger problems down the road.

Whether you need a jewellery repair or are interested in having your ring or necklace inspected for preventative maintenance purposes, Adina Jozsef is happy to lend a hand. Call us today on 02 9267 0122 to learn more about our custom jewellery repair services in Sydney.