Yellow Gold Star of David



The Star of David is a six-pointed star, known to be one of the main Jewish and Israeli symbols. It is also known as the Jewish star, and its name in Hebrew is Magen David, which means Shield of David. The symbol in the Israeli flag, the Star of David is the central symbol of Judaism and the state of Israel. A timeless beauty of a traditional decorative motif our take on the Star of David sits on a delicate trace chain, handmade in 18ct yellow gold. Perfectly sized for everyday wear and even layer with other pieces. A wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Approximate Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 0.85mm

Metal Type: 18ct yellow Gold

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Whether you’re Jewish or have converted to Judaism, wearing the six-pointed Star of David pendant is an important part of the religion. Religion is often a point of contention in society, but that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from who you are and what you believe in. Many people of other religions are no longer hiding their religious symbols and are proudly showing off who they are by wearing their stylish pendants. At Adina Jozsef, you can purchase a gorgeous star of David pendant made from 18ct yellow, rose or white gold.


Jewish people have been wearing the Star of David (known in Hebrew as Magen David) since the 17th century. The two equilateral triangles are also known as the Shield of David and appear on many Jewish religious properties, such as synagogues, prayer books, and more noticeably on their national flag. Here is a brief history of the Gold Star of David.

  • Kabbalists wear the Star of David as a symbol of protection against evil spirits.
  • While Jewish people wore the symbol in the Middle Ages, it didn’t have any religious representation until the 17th century.
  • The symbol is meant to attract God to protect whoever wears it.


While we are incredibly proud of our hand-crafted Star of David pendant, we also believe in the power of the message jewellery can send to the person you love. We can craft something unique for you to present to the love of your life. You can choose everything from the custom design, the metal used, and if you would like any gemstones added to the piece. Here are some of the services we offer our customers, be sure to take advantage of them:

  • We offer remodelling services, so if you already have a piece of jewellery you would like to make a few changes to, bring it in and let’s discuss the changes.
  • While made from strong metals, there is always the chance the jewellery can become damaged, this is where we come in with our repair services.
  • Keep your gems sparkling when you take advantage of our jewellery cleaning services.


At the tender age of 14, Adina started making jewellery in her bedroom after her mother presented her with her first blowtorch. Since making her first piece, Adina fell in love with the art of jewellery making. She completed her tertiary education in Jewellery and Object Design, ensuring that when you purchase your favourite piece, you can rest assured that you are buying quality jewellery designed and created by a professional. To make sure that your jewellery can weather day-to-day wear and tear, we don’t cut corners by making the jewellery from lesser metals, which would make it lighter and more prone to damage.

For more information about our pieces or to place an order, contact us today.