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Diamond earrings in Australia have a long-standing history with the rest of the world. Some historians claim earrings have been around since 2500BC, and it is a known fact that in history, only wealthy families would adorn earrings. At times only the royal families had any form of jewelry. Around the middle ages, headdresses overtook the earrings hype, but it came back after a while. In 1970 women started getting their ears pierced, and by 1990 women had multiple ear piercings and wore multiple earrings at once. Diamond jewelry has always been the finest of them all; with the glistening beauty and long-lasting value, diamond earrings have the potential to become family heirlooms.


There are many benefits to wearing your jewellery daily, and you might not be thinking you are making any mistakes, but it is highly possible.

We do understand the difference between people and taste in jewellery, so this is not a set-in-stone list but only a guideline:

  • Wearing the right earrings to the wrong occasion can make or break your outfit. You don’t want to wear your sparkly night-out jewellery to the office. Try distinguishing between your occasions and pair the right jewellery with it.
  • Everybody has a different face shape, and you might have tried on a pair of earrings and saw that it does not suit your face, and that’s ok. A long drop design is ideal for a smaller and rounder face, where a hoop is suitable for a longer face.
  • Not cleaning your jewellery is a mistake everybody makes. You might not think it’s dirty, but your shampoo and soap create a layer of dirt around your ears and neck. Even dirt on hands can cluster into rings. This dirt and germs will remain on your jewellery until you have washed it. Leaving it might cause infections.


At Adina Jozsef we offer a range of beautiful earrings for all occasions. Our bridal earrings range available in Sydney includes custom designs that will make your wedding day even more special. Along with our jewellery range, we offer jewellery repairs.

  • We can assure you we can fix and repair minor and majors issues, including re-clawing or retipping.
  • In most cases we can replace or find some of the gemstones or diamonds that might have come out.
  • Please note that jewellery does wear and tear over time and repairing it comes with a range of pros and cons. We will assess the faults and issues and assist you with any repairs and provide you with a quote.


At Adina Jozsef we use superior quality metals, stones, and pearls in the manufacturing process. Adina Jozsef is a leading jewellery designer and owner, and a proud member of The Gold & Silversmith Guild of Australia. She uses hand skills that she developed at an early age. Always delivering contemporary elegance, originality, and refinement.

Contact Adina Jozsef today for any custom designs and any further questions.