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Jewellery Repairs


We repair items made by Adina Jozsef, but when it comes to other jewellers work we put as much care as we would our own jewellery but, will take no responsibility if something that is to happen to the piece that would be out of our control, for example, older Jewellery may look strong and in good condition but the appearance is often deceptive and the metal may have become weak and brittle. Some jewellers may have used the wrong solders and even repairing the piece the wrong way, weakening the piece even more.

Polishing & Plating at Adina Jozsef:

At Adina Jozsef, we pride ourselves on highly polished, lustrous jewellery, designed to withstand the test of time.  However, no matter how careful you are with your jewellery, occupational and lifestyle wear, cleaning products, perfume, salt and chlorine can accelerate the tarnishing process of Sterling silver and wear through rhodium plating. The first signs that rhodium is wearing thin is often yellowing around the ring band.  Thankfully, with prices that start at $65 for polishing and re-plating with Rhodium for White Gold (each piece needs to be assessed). When it comes to Yellow Gold and Platinum there is no need to plate in Rhodium, prices start from $40 for Yellow Gold and $60 for Platinum, for that extra whiteness we can Rhodium plate your Platinum piece for an extra $30. We can reverse cosmetic wear and tear and restore your jewellery to its former glory.  In addition, we can check the integrity of your jewellery and ensure stones and pearls are secure and assess your rings settings.  If your jewellery is looking less then brilliant, or you have a specific concern, please feel free to phone or call past.  We would love to bring your jewellery back to life!  

If you have any questions about our jewellery repairs in Sydney, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or contact the studio on 02 9267 0122.        

Before & Afters


Took out the cracked opal, re-tipped the halo settings and replaced the opal with a Tsavorite Garnet. Finishing it off with a buff, polish and rhodium plated the white gold setting.

repair-before-front-.jpg repair-before-side.jpg

repair-after-front.jpg repair-after-side.jpg


Re-Tip on an 18ct White Gold 4 Claw Set Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


re-tip-engagement-ring-before-3.jpg re-tip-engagement-ring-before-4.jpg

re-tip-engagement-ring-after-2.jpg re-tip-engagement-ring-4.jpg



Re-Tip Corner Claws on 18ct White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

corner-re-tip-engagement-ring-before-1.jpg  corner-re-tip-engagement-ring-before-4.jpg

corner-re-tip-engagement-ring-after-1.jpg corner-re-tip-engagement-ring-after-3.jpg     





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