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Silver Earrings

The Benefits of Sterling Silver Jewellery (And Where to Buy Silver Earrings in Sydney)

Sterling silver is the brightest metal, outstripping platinum and all types of gold (yellow, white and rose) in its brilliance. However, despite the beautiful lustre of sterling silver, it is also mined more than other precious metals, which means that it usually costs less than gold or platinum. If you are looking to buy silver earrings in Sydney, this value-to-price ratio is a major benefit: you can get jewellery that is just as beautiful as anything in gold or platinum for a lower price.

The lower price of sterling silver also helps jewellers. Because sterling silver costs less than gold, jewellers can afford to cast more jewellery in silver. As a result, when you shop for silver jewellery, you will typically see a wider range of styles and designs than you will shopping for jewellery in other precious metal categories. At Adina Jozsef, for instance, our bespoke sterling silver earrings span the spectrum from classic to contemporary and include pairings with a range of beautiful gemstones—including quartz, onyx, amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade and more.

Finally, sterling silver is extremely durable as far as precious metals go. While silver jewellery can tarnish, and will need to be polished every so often, it is otherwise made to stand the test of time. This is particularly the case when you buy silver earrings from Sydney’s Adina Jozsef. We handmake all our jewellery using high-quality materials and committing ourselves to high standards of craftsmanship.

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