Meet Adina Jozsef

Adina Jozsef’s jewellery practice embodies the principle that well-finished components form the basis of a well-finished look. Developing through creative explorations of shapes and materials, rather than following fashion trends, her portfolio updates the traditional values of hand skills and precious materials through modern jewellery designs and applications. The components within and between her collections compliment and resonate with one another, with each bearing Adina’s trademark contemporary elegance, refinement and originality.

Adina was given her first blowtorch for her 14th birthday by her ever-encouraging mother, silversmithing in her bedroom before embarking on tertiary studies at the Enmore Design Centre, starting with the Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design and then on to the Jewellery Trade Certificate. She established her practice as Koukii Designs in 2001, rebranding as Adina Jozsef in 2014, and sold her wares at Paddington Markets every Saturday until the end of 2012, transitioning the studio’s emphasis to online retailing and special commissions.

For Adina, wearing her creations is as fun as the joy of making. Believing that superior craftsmanship has intrinsic worth, she relishes the challenge of finishing her pieces to a level of perfection. Adina has gained a deep, almost intuitive, understanding of the metal she uses. It is a material with hardness and resistance requiring physical effort to master, and her jewellery’s sleek lines, shapes and high polish defy its handmade origins.


At Adina Jozsef we do not cut corners when it comes to our workmanship and unless required for a particular design, our jewellery is not featherweight, this ensures your jewellery lasts normal wear and tear.  We do not save on weight just to bring the price down and believe that jewellery should feel good on the body, giving the piece a luxurious feel.

Adina Jozsef

Adina Jozsef

Lead Jeweller, Designer & Owner
Proud member of the Guild.


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In 1988 a group of manufacturing jewellers, aware of the traditions and a need for a higher degree of consumer protection in the precious metals industry, instigated and formed The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia. The Guild is the only professional organization in Australia with a traditional and comprehensive system of marking precious metal items. Guild Members names and marks are permanently recorded, they abide by set standards of material, their work is clearly identified as genuinely made in Australia, and the date of manufacture can be recorded. The Guilds principal aim is to promote the Guild Mark as a symbol of excellence.


Benson is a valued member of the Adina Jozsef team. He is responsible for keeping the team motivated and active and moonlights as our debt collector.  Fiercely good at his job, he has a brilliant track record for recovering debts – just like a dog and bone.

Previous exhibitions Adina’s work has been in:

Artist in Residence with Workshopped working in conjunction with Object Gallery

September 2012 – January 2013

Object Gallery, Surry Hills, NSW

August 2008 – ‘Workshopped’
Chifley Plaza, Sydney NSW

October 2007 – ‘Silhouette Range’
Veronica George Gallery, Melbourne Vic

July 2007 – ‘Fashique #4’
Ruby Rabbit, Oxford Street Sydney NSW

March 2007 – ‘Autumn Spectrum’
Old Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral NSW

March 2005 – ‘Sydney Esquisse’
Good Charlotte, Sydney NSW

April 2004 – ‘White’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

February 2004 – ‘Boys Toys’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

November 2003 – ‘One night under lights’ – Jewellery Trade Certificate 3
The Muse, Sydney NSW

June 2003 – ‘Attachment’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

February 2003 – ‘The Ubiquitous Ring’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

July 2002 – ‘Pinned’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

May 2002 – ‘Nex(t)
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

February 2002 – ‘Two’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

June 1999 – June 2001 – ‘Blessed be the Work’
Various galleries around Australia

November 2001 – ‘We are One!’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

July 2001 – ‘Lapel’
Gallery 156, Sydney NSW

November 2000 – ‘You are Here’
Merchant House, Sydney NSW

November 1999 – ‘The Forth Runway’
Sydney International Airport, Sydney NSW

November 1998 – ‘2000(-)2’
Customs House, Sydney NSW


Adina Jozsef has been creating beautiful fine jewellery in Australia for over twenty years. Whether you would like to purchase one of our ready-to-wear items or you’d prefer a bespoke piece, you can rest assured that we make each piece of jewellery carefully and create it to be worn and enjoyed.

What Sets Adina Jozsef Apart Regarding Fine Necklaces in Australia?

Firstly, you will notice that our Australian fine jewellery design does not follow fads or trends, nor is it mass-produced.

  • The form of each piece is a result of exploring different materials and shapes. The components we use blend and fit innately and the finished item is refined, elegant and entirely original.
  • We do not believe in cutting corners to save money or to make any item cheaper because it weighs less. Unless the design lends itself to the need for featherweight materials, we design our pieces to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Your shopping experience with us should not be the same as any other mundane everyday experience you’ve had. We can customise our pieces to suit your tastes and preferences.

Related Services We Provide to Australian Fine Jewellery

We take pride in being a preferential choice for many when they purchase fine jewellery in Sydney. In addition to the pieces you can buy from us, we offer numerous other jewellery-related services.

  • Inevitably, any jewellery you wear frequently will eventually show signs of wear and tear – visible as dulling metal and many tiny scratches. If you wear a lot of perfume or swim with your silver or rhodium-plated jewellery, you will likely see that it tarnishes quickly or that the rhodium starts to wear through. We will polish or replate your jewellery so that it comes back to you looking virtually as good as new. We will also check any precious stones or pearls are not at risk of falling out of their settings.
  • We will repair your jewellery too, whether it is an item we have made or jewellery that you bought elsewhere. If it is not an item that we made, we cannot offer any guarantees. We make our jewellery with great care, but we cannot always say the same of others.
  • As with any valuable items, you should insure your jewellery. You may be mistaken in thinking your jewellery is already covered under your home and contents policy, but it is worth checking the fine print. We can help you get cover for your jewellery, ensuring that anything you buy from us is covered by the time it leaves our store.


Our founder first started making jewellery when she was fourteen years old and completed her tertiary education in jewellery design, additionally achieving a Jewellery Trade Certificate. When you buy a piece from us, you will notice that it has been beautifully finished, to an extremely high standard.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our collections or other bespoke items.